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EXLcode - VS Code-based Online IDE Chrome插件图文教程

The ultimate editing experience on the cloud

EXLcode is an intelligent open-source online IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that brings the speed, extensibility, and flexibility of a desktop IDE to the browser. With EXLcode, developers securely collaborate in real-time, instantly share and provision pre-configured dev workspaces, leverage limitless computing power, and enjoy the freedom of developing on-the-go from supported tablets and mobile devices. EXLcode boosts productivity and streamlines the developer experience with smart code completion, quick fixes, refactoring, and diff visualization to deliver the ultimate editing experience on the cloud.

★ Powerful Code Intelligence
Smart suggestions, helpers, docs, snippets, quick fixes, and error detection for dozens of languages including, Java, C++, Python, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, and YAML that allow you to debug code right from the editor. Debug with break points, call stacks, and an interactive console.

★ High-Performance
Open and edit massive files in seconds and edit with the same responsiveness of a native desktop IDE, while leveraging the power and flexibility of editing on the cloud.

★ Versatile
Customise your editor with keyboard shortcuts, themes, and icon-sets importable directly from Visual Studio Code. Install extensions and debuggers to enhance your experience.

★ Open Source
Design and implement your own editor by viewing the source code behind our open source IDE. Our vendor-agnostic platform eliminates technical problems and costs for developers that seek to alter and expand from our IDE.

★ Secure Development Environments
Run, debug, and test your projects on our secure virtual machines with full root access and configurable networking options. Save and share your projects with our seamless Github integration that allows you to edit your repositories, files, branches and view tags.

For more information, check out exlcode.com 查看更多

EXLcode - VS Code-based Online IDE Chrome插件图片

  • EXLcode - VS Code-based Online IDE插件图片
  • EXLcode - VS Code-based Online IDE插件图片
  • EXLcode - VS Code-based Online IDE插件图片

EXLcode - VS Code-based Online IDE Chrome插件基本信息

插件名称:EXLcode - VS Code-based Online IDE 插件作者:EXL Inc. 插件语言: English 官方站点:https://exlcode.com 插件唯一标识:elcfpiphmolcddmecegalaikjiclhdjc

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下载次数:1576 用户评分:5 (共5分) 参与评分人数:6

EXLcode - VS Code-based Online IDE Chrome插件文件信息

当前版本:0.1.1 最后更新日期:2018-07-16 文件大?。?em>1.16MiB

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本站下载 已有 1576 人成功下载

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