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Chromahills Network App Chrome插件图文教程

A unique little extention for the Chroma Hills Network will be constantly expanding to bring new content for all CH members.
This is a plugin designed for the Chroma Hills network to allow players in the network to quickly and efficiently get to essential data. We hope to fully pledge this plugin if the some interest comes about. Please note that this is in early stages so any and all feedback / suggestions will be very much welcomed!

Current Build:
Version: 1.0

17th November 2014 - V1.0
- Updated server IP list
- Added two new servers
- Removed total player count bug
- Fixed minor spelling issues
- Added awesome

31st July 2014 - V0.9.2 (Beta Build)
- Fixed all image head not showing
- Shorted some JS to improve loading time

9th June 2014 - V0.9.1 (Beta Build)
- Updated API listing show servers online again.
- Preparing for V1.0 Major updates coming ;)

31th May 2014 - V0.9 (Beta Build)
- Fixed bug where Factions showed as offline.
- Corrected namings of servers.
- Decreased loading time for servers.
- Looked at cat pictures for about 2 hours.

29th May 2014 - V0.8 (Beta Build)
- Tidied up CSS.
- Made JavaScript load faster.
- Fixed an issue with multiple variables having same name.
- Added awesome image for the chrome web store page.
- Now with more lemons.
- Tab added for Frankies Island.

28th May 2014 - V0.7 (Beta Build)
- Slider is now custom blue theming.
- Padding and margin adjustments.
- Server status now loaded through javascript.

28th May 2014 - V0.6 (Beta Build)
- Player heads now load all in line.
- Hover over player to see their name show at the top.
- Overall network player amount now shown on bottom.

28th May 2014 - V0.5 (Beta Build)
- Logo added.
- Players now show under each server.
- Name next to each player head (will change in v0.6).
- Vote page added to all direct access to voting sites.

28th May 2014 - V0.4 (Beta Build)
- CSS redesign, looking sexy!
- Now shows each servers status.
- Info page added for extension support.
- Icons for 128x 48x and 16x are now supported.

27th May 2014 - V0.3 (Alpha Build)
- Now using two system to confirm overall network player amount.
- If one times out the other will show.

27th May 2014 - V0.2 (Alpha Build)
- Icon button now turns grey if the network is down.
- Links for navigation have been added.
- Support for Window 7 users integrated.

26th May 2014 - V0.1 (Alpha Build)
- Added App framework.
- Added manifest.json.
- Added JQuery include.
- Added CSS style to app.
- Added Chroma Hills Icon.
- Added Loading Gif.
- Added Version number.
- Added Link to site.
- Added Overall player list. 查看更多

Chromahills Network App Chrome插件图片

  • Chromahills Network App插件图片
  • Chromahills Network App插件图片

Chromahills Network App Chrome插件基本信息

插件名称:Chromahills Network App 插件作者: 插件语言:English (United States) 官方站点:暂无官方站点 插件唯一标识:ekeioodpmcbhkjjhfpdcdgfomejnkkmm

Chromahills Network App Chrome插件用户数和评分

下载次数:27 用户评分:4.88889 (共5分) 参与评分人数:9

Chromahills Network App Chrome插件文件信息

当前版本:1.0 最后更新日期:2019-04-24 文件大?。?em>1.09MiB

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本站下载 已有 27 人成功下载

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