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Version 0.315 - Allows to like the posts in your feed, it is useful when you are following a lot of users, and want to make happy all of them.

Version 0.314 - Allows to send the follow requests for all not followed/not requested users from the generated list of users.

Version 0.308 - Allows to limit the amount of fetched users to Nth first returned users. From my observation, the latest followers/following users are returned in the beginning, therefore limiting the output could be useful to get the newest relationships, especially for accounts with huge amount of relationships. If limit value is 0 in input box and it is the default value on opening the extension popup window, the limit is not applied.

Version 0.305 - Stable version, all found defects are fixed, also the flow was changed to bring the results faster - initially the list with short info is displayed, and getting the detailed info runs in background. When getting the detailed info is completed, the list with detailed info is displayed.

Version 0.301 - The version is adjusted to Instagram.com new API, probably contains bugs and has space for improvement, continue to work on it. But at least the core functionality works again.

Version 0.290 - Import to Excel, even more improved error handling of HTTP 429 error, bugfixing and improvements, including indication the case when promised amount of followers/following persons is not the same as amount of actually returned users (could happen for account with many connected users).

Version 0.280 - bugfixing, the flow optimization, performance improvement, improved error handling of HTTP 429 error, adding the alias <>.

Version 0.260 - added the functionality of finding the common users between two instagram accounts.

Why is that?
Have you ever tried to find your the Instagram users you are following and who don't follow you? Have you ever wanted to create a list of yours or maybe not only yours followers and followed users? Have you ever wanted to export such list? I did, however I did not found easy and safe way for doing that. Therefore I've decided to implement such functionality on my own and share it. So using this extension, you can merge your followers and the users you following in a single list with option to export it into CSV file. And actually you can export not only yours followers and followed users, but also any public accounts' or private accounts' you are permitted to follow.

When you click the extension icon, the popup window is displayed with input box that contains the username (extension tries to extract the username from URL or you can type the name by yourself), the scope of export (All, User Follows, or User is Followed by) and the "Get Insta Users" button. Clicking this button you will be taken to result page and users' export process will be started. The performance is improved in this version, e.g. 8464 users were exported in 838 seconds.

When process is completed, page displays the user's picture, id, name, bio, indication if you follow user, indication if user follows you, indication if user's account is private, amount of followers, amount of following accounts, and amount of posts. The displayed pages have search and sorting capabilities.

Technical Details.
The source code of this extension could be found on GitHub, so you can verify that it doesn't do anything not allowed. It sends the AJAX requests to the Instagram server to retrieve the list of users and its detailed info. These requests are sent on behalf of you. There are two options:
1) Amount of users to be returned in one call. The default value is 100, however debugging this functionality, I realised that Instagram server doesn't respect this parameter too much, and usually returns about 20 users in one call.
2) Delay before issuing the next request, default value is 1000 ms. If there is no delay, for fetching the long list of users, Instagram could return HTTP code 429 (too many requests, try several minutes later). Right now this situation is not handled, and the only option to avoid that is having a delay.

Visit //instascraper.weebly.com for more information.

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